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Marka : LIEBHERR-sr

Model : LCC 150

Üretim Yılı : 2001

Technical details / Additionals / Accessories
Control Simens Numeric 840C
max. module 3
max. workpiece diameter 150 mm
smallest to mill number of teeth 4
ambient temperature +12°C...+40°C
Relative humidity max 90% bei 20°C, max 50%
Resolution accuracy 0,1°
Milling head swivel spindle +/-45°
Toolpiece table load 17 kN
details shaping unit
biggest width of teeth at 3 mm
max helix angle 45°
axisangleadjustment shaping spindle-workpiecetable -0,5°...3.000 DH/min
feed rotation axe tool 10...9.420 mm/min
feed radial axis machine stand 1...3750 mm/min
max. behind shaping angle 12°
milling head Motorfräskopf

Twin-gear-wheels can be manufactured in one operation on the machine.